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Territory Lounge Review

Territory Lounge is a bar in Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World. This rustic lounge features dark woods, rich color, and excellent details. It’s an excellent gastropub, and is one of our favorite hidden gems at Walt Disney World. This review features food photos of some items you’ll find at Territory Lounge, while also offering thoughts on the lounge’s ambiance.

Given Territory Lounge’s location adjacent to Artist Point, it’s almost the de facto lounge for that restaurant, and a popular spot for pre or post meal cocktails. In terms of other details, Territory Lounge does not participate in the Disney Dining Plan, but does accept the Tables in Wonderland card for a 20% discount.

We really like Territory Lounge for a combination of a few reasons. First of all, the food menu is reasonably priced. You’re looking at items that are only slightly more expensive than the prices at nearby Roaring Fork, but that are usually higher in quality…

Second, it’s rarely crowded. So many of the best lounges at Walt Disney World are perpetually busy or draw more of a family or (at the other end of the spectrum) a College Program crowd. Territory Lounge has been relatively uncrowded during our visits, and mostly seems to skew towards an older demographic. While we don’t necessarily fit that demo in age, we certainly do in spirit.

Territory Lounge Review

Finally, Territory Lounge’s ambiance is exceptional. This is to be expected at Wilderness Lodge, where you could wander down a random hallway and stumble upon wonderful details. Even within the exceptional theming of Wilderness Lodge, Territory Lounge is a standout. It’s a gem within a gem.

The clear motif of Territory Lounge is exploration, and this is obvious from the items in the shadow boxes hung along the walls to the Lewis & Clark map on the ceiling. There are also scattered items that evoke the sense that it’s paying homage to hunters, but this being Disney, that’s not quite as obvious.

Territory Lounge Review

Thematically, this is one of my favorite Disney lounges in the world, and it feels somewhat similar to Teddy Roosevelt Lounge at Tokyo DisneySea (by far the best Disney lounge in the world). In fairness, I’m biased towards this style, and three venues of this type made my Top 10 Disney Bars & Lounges list, with Territory Lounge taking the #6 slot, worldwide.

Now let’s take a look at some of the food at Territory Lounge…

Territory Lounge Review

Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems the menu at Territory Lounge has changed several times in the last few years. Relatively recent changes include the removal of the chicken lollipops, chips & dip, and standalone truffle fries. These were all fan-favorites, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

On the plus side, the gourmet burger now includes truffle fries. I’d say this burger was a fine option, I guess. The burger itself was tasty but the fries left a lot to be desired. The biggest downside of the meal was the size of the beef patty on our burger. I’m guessing (hoping?) we just got unlucky with this.

Territory Lounge Review

Even if we were unlucky, and a significantly larger patty were the norm, I’d have a difficult time recommending this burger.

It was fine, but let’s just say this won’t be dethroning the burger and truffle fries at Crew’s Cup Lounge anytime soon.

Territory Lounge Review

On the other hand, the Pork Nachos were exceptional. There serving of pork was very generous, and other ingredients like the queso, salsa, and verde sauce added a lot.

While you’re probably better off splitting these nachos, I think they’d make a suitable meal for a person who really likes nachos. The pork offers protein, and everyone knows queso is an integral part of any nutritious diet. And the chips have corn in them (probably) so that’s good, too.

Territory Lounge Review

Another of the best options at Territory Lounge is the Smoked Portobello Bisque, which is a mainstay of the menu over at Artist Point. This photo is ripped from our Artist Point Review, but the soup is the same at both locations: absolutely delicious.

The Smoked Portobello Bisque, as with about half the items on the Territory Lounge menu, is only available during Artist Point’s operating hours.

Territory Lounge Review

Another item from the Artist Point menu that we really like is the Cobbler. This dessert is exceptional, with fresh berries and warm cobbler.

It reminds me of something you’d actually find in one of the dining rooms of a National Park Lodge in the American West. (I actually had something really similar to this, albeit with huckleberries, in Glacier National Park.)

Perhaps the most popular item at Territory Lounge (at least among people we know) is the Oregon Chardonnay Fondue, which is served with pretzel bread. Also intriguing is the Land Greens Salad (served with greens sourced from The Land at Epcot, hence the name), but we’ve always wanted more substantive meals at Territory Lounge, so we’ve yet to order either.

All things considered, Territory Lounge is a great stop in Wilderness Lodge. Whether you want a couple of quick drinks before dinner at Artist Point or are seeking a respite from Magic Kingdom crowds, it’s a great option. Now that Geyser Point Bar & Grill is the hotspot at Wilderness Lodge, we expect Territory Lounge to become even more of a hidden gem. That’s great for those (like us) who enjoy this spot for its peaceful ambiance.

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Your Thoughts…

What do you think of Territory Lounge? Where does it rank in terms of bars & lounges at Walt Disney World for you? Have any favorite foods here? Do you prefer it or Geyser Point Bar & Grill? Any questions about Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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