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Walt Disney Animation has announced a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, due out in theaters March 9, 2018. The announcement was posted in a Facebook Live video on Disney’s Facebook account this morning.

The video began with Rich Moore, director of the original Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia, standing in front of a brick wall waiting to be signaled that the video was live. He then said he wanted to bring out a friend to help him make an important announcement, and brought out Phil Johnston, co-writer of Wreck-It Ralph. Moore and Johnston will co-direct the sequel.

The rest of the video was very odd, with John C. Reilly, who voiced Ralph, wandering back and forth wearing Ralph gloves and muttering about needing almond milk for his cereal. Finally, Reilly joined the pair and said they may as well make the announcement, since he’d already been telling people. After making the official announcement of the sequel and release date, Johnston asked Reilly to share a little about the movie. He said, “It’s top secret, but I’ll tell you this much. Ralph leaves the arcade and wrecks the internet. What could go wrong?”

This was followed by Reilly doing a half-hearted version of the film’s classic line, “I’m going to wreck it.”

Eventually, the writers talked Reilly into saying the line how it was intended and as he did it, he smashed the brick wall with his Ralph hands, revealing a group of people standing and cheering.

The video ended with a graphic that said “Wreck-It Ralph Returns March 9 2018”.

News source/photo credit: Disney


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