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    5 Things to Do While Waiting at Universal Orlando Resort

    Everyone knows waiting in line can be frustrating. It doesn’t matter if it is a few hours or 20 minutes behind the lady at the grocery store. The lady who ignored the seven items or less sign and felt like she was the exception with her 30 items and 25 coupons. That may test your patience […]

  • Central Florida Theme Park Injury Reports for 3rd Quarter of 2017 Released

    To remain exempt from major inspection, Central Florida theme parks must list all of their quarterly incidents and injuries with the state. This quarter’s report (July – September 2017) covers a total of 13 incidents/injuries: 8 belonging to Disney, 3 to Universal, and 2 to SeaWorld. Only incidents or illnesses resulting in a hospital stay […]

  • Cars Land
    Immersion Throw Down: Disney versus Universal

    Comparing and contrasting Disney theme parks and Universal Studios is all the rage these days.  I’m going to jump into the debate and present an immersion throw down.  Let’s go straight to the top of each park:  Carsland in Disney’s California Adventure and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando. I’m just going to state this […]

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    Disney/Universal Nacho Round-Up

    Both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer some wonderful dining experiences featuring your favorite characters and fantastical food options. While everyone loves a feast in Cinderella’s Castle or a Frozen Butterbeer with Bangers and Mash from The Three Broomsticks, sometimes, it is hard to beat the perfection of a well-made plate of nachos. It’s […]

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    A Disney nerd’s day at Universal Orlando

    I’ve been a fan of all things Disney for as long as I can remember, and that will probably never change. The Disney parks have been a very important part of that fandom, and growing up visiting the other Orlando parks was something my family rarely did. If I remember correctly, we only visited Universal […]

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    4 reasons Disney still stands apart from Universal

    Before The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade opened in 2010 at Islands of Adventure, there honestly wasn’t much competition in the theme park industry. Disney owned the game, and to some extent they still do. But, things have changed; Universal is making strides every day to gain more and more of the market […]

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    Is Orlando’s theme park industry running out of hirable employees?

    Have you recently experienced more incompetent, unintelligent, and even rude employees than you did in years past at the Orlando theme parks? Well, the Orlando theme park industry is running into a problem. They might not be willing to admit it, but while the theme parks continue to expand at an exponential rate, the talent in […]

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    My Florida Vacation Christmas list

    I made my list and checked it twice! Here are some of my favorites when on a Florida Christmas Vacation. Let’s start with the Disney Parks. Magic Kingdom Main Street USA decorations Main Street USA is always decorated perfectly at Christmastime! Cast members work all year round on the decorations we see all over the Disney […]

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    Why competition with Universal has made Disney stronger

    Walt Disney World purists who still refuse to enter either of the Universal Orlando Resort parks may not realize it, but over the past few years Universal has pushed Disney to be better than ever before. The healthy competition started the day that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in Islands of Adventure in 2010. […]

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    Age vs. Height at the theme parks: Where do you stand?

    This year during my family’s Walt Disney World/Universal Studios Orlando summer vacation, my six-year-old experienced a significant milestone: she was able to ride many rides all by herself…but only at Universal Studios. That’s because while both parks have minimum height requirements for many rides, they differ in their “Ride Alone” policy. Universal’s policy is based on […]