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  • Arendelle
    New Port Coming to Tokyo DisneySea in Largest Expansion Ever

    URAYASU, CHIBA—Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that an agreement has been reached with The Walt Disney Company on plans for developing a new themed port at Tokyo DisneySea®, which will also include a new Disney hotel. With this agreement and upon the completion of the Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland® expansions, the licenses for the […]

  • So…We “Adopted” A Duffy.

    Well, “we” didn’t adopt it so much as Sarah did, but I have to admit that I was okay with it. The new “Happy Marching Fun” Duffy and Friends items available at Tokyo DisneySea are pretty kawaii. We’ll take a look at …

  • An f/1.4 Evening at Tokyo DisneySea

    Tokyo DisneySea is my favorite theme park in the world. I love everything about it, from the food to the attractions to its brilliant design. However, its beauty is not just in the awe-inspiring landscapes anchored by an erupting volcano or the transpo…

  • 101 Great Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea Tips

    To celebrate Tokyo Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary, we’re sharing 101 of our favorite tips to save time, money, or just improve the quality of your experience in Japan at Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland. These tips are random in nature, and wi…

  • Want to Recapture the Disney Magic? Visit Japan.

    Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are our favorite theme parks in the world. We’ve made that abundantly clear in previous posts. Since our first visit 5 years ago, we’ve implored Americans to visit the Disney parks in Japan because we want oth…

  • Tom’s Top 7: Arabian Coast

    Arabian Coast is one of the ports of call at Tokyo DisneySea, and despite it being home to my favorite Disney attraction in the world, one of the best counter service restaurants, a delightful snack, and some exceptional thematic work, it often flies u…

  • Disney's Magic Kingdom
    Choosing the Right International Disney Park for You

    A growing trend among Disney fans is venturing out from their home park and visiting other Disney parks.  In addition to going from one coast to the other, fans are heading out to see Disney parks all over the world.  They are located in world class cities like Paris and Tokyo, allowing travelers to combine […]

  • A Cape Cod Christmas

    Cape Cod is one of my favorite places in Tokyo DisneySea, my favorite Disney park in the world. Technically part of American Waterfront and popularized as the home to Duffy, I love this area not because of any attractions or substantive offerings (to t…

  • Top 10 Moments of Disney Magic

    When it comes to Disney, describing something as “magical” is pretty cliched and overdone. While the parks are awe-inspiring places that overfill people with joy and leave them speechless, magical is probably not the best word to describe a steak you had at Yachtsman Steakhouse. (Okay, bad example–it absolutely is.) Yet, there plenty of things that happen […]

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