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  • Disneyland Paris
    Tipping, Wifi and Weather – Disney Parks Around the World

    You’ve been planning this trip for a long time. Flying internationally is a big deal and much more involved than just jumping in the car and heading off after school on a Friday. So how do you avoid the unfortunate surprises that trip-up foreigners in the Disney Parks? You keep reading this article. We’re about […]

  • Shanghai Disney Has a Surprisingly Large Turkey Leg Demand

    Disney learned a lot about the theme park market in China during Shanghai Disney Resort’s first year, and one of those things turned out to be quite surprising. Shanghai loves turkey legs. They really do. “We were there a few weeks ago for the anniversary and we sold 4,500 in one day. We couldn’t buy […]

  • China’s Wealthiest Citizen Backs Down on Strategy to Crush Disney

    In May of 2016, Wang Jainlin vowed to halt Disney’s influence in the Chinese theme park market, saying, “Disney really shouldn’t have come to China. Its financial prospects don’t look so good to me.” A lot can change in a year, and it appears that the founder of the Dalian Wanda group is a bit […]

  • Bob Iger Says Shanghai Disney Resort’s First Year Exceeded Expectations

    Shanghai Disney Resort just had its first birthday, and Bob Iger was on site in China to celebrate with some positive news about the park’s performance. Exactly how well Shanghai Disney would perform was a matter of much speculation; now, it appears the venture has had an extremely successful start. Speaking in front of the […]