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  • SeaWorld Stock Increases as Board Chairman is Voted Off

    The chairman of SeaWorld’s board of directors, David D’Allesandro, failed to receive the majority of votes required to keep his position. The vote took place during the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting on Wednesday, after which SeaWorld’s stock increased 7% during trading. D’Allesandro has held the position since 2010, but will now be offering to tender his […]

  • Newborn is SeaWorld Orlando’s First Baby Walrus

    Just in case you’ve been having a difficult day and haven’t yet hit your adorable animal quota, SeaWorld Orlando has a newborn walrus calf to show you. The mustached infant was born on June 3rd to 14-year-old mother Kaboodle, is the first walrus to be born at SeaWorld Orlando, and has not been named as […]

  • Commerson’s Dolphin Dies Just Minutes After Birth at SeaWorld’s Aquatica

    A tragic, yet not completely unforeseen, end befell the calf of one of Aquatica’s four remaining Commerson’s dolphins, Ringer. Due to her age and the lack of genetic diversity in the small dolphin population, Ringer had been administered contraceptives before the unexpected pregnancy occurred. A few minutes after the calf was born, SeaWorld’s staff began […]

  • SeaWorld to Add Second Sesame Place Park, New Sesame Street Land in Orlando

    Sesame Street has played a significant role in the lives of many children throughout the years, and SeaWorld is going to add to that influence with not only a second Sesame Place park, but a brand new Sesame Street land in SeaWorld Orlando as well. Due to a new license agreement expanding on their 37-year partnership, […]

  • SeaWorld’s Remodel of Kraken Goes Beyond the Addition of Virtual-Reality Headsets

    According to the Orlando Sentinel, SeaWorld’s remodel of the Kraken roller coaster will involve more than just the addition of the virtual-reality headsets. When the massive thrill attraction reopens as Kraken Unleashed in June, guests will notice many physical changes to the area around the coaster, including the missing “enormous eel-like kraken creature – big enough […]

  • Attendance and Revenue Continue to Plummet During SeaWorld’s First Quarter

    SeaWorld Entertainment has had a rough couple of years, and unfortunately for them, the news is only getting worse. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the company’s first-quarter attendance dropped 15 percent, and they only brought in “$186.4 million in revenue, compared to $220.2 million in the same period a year ago.” In total, SeaWorld “reported […]

  • Shamu Stadium Becomes New Home to SeaWorld’s Pilot Whales

    Four pilot whales who once called SeaWorld Orlando home, have been moved to their new home in Shamu Stadium. The whales were moved yesterday from Dolphin Stadium, where they had performed in the Blue Horizons show that was recently replaced with a new show called Dolphin Days. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) deemed […]

  • Infinity Falls
    SeaWorld Orlando Announces New Water Ride

    SeaWorld Orlando has announced a new river rapids ride scheduled to open in 2018. The new attraction will feature several unique elements, including a vertical lift. Infinity Falls will take guests on a winding river journey, past waterfalls, fountains and ancient ruins before plunging down a 40-foot drop, the largest drop of its kind. The […]

  • ‘Dolphin Days’ at SeaWorld Orlando Focuses on Dolphin/Trainer Bond

    SeaWorld Orlando held a dress rehearsal on Thursday for “Dolphin Days”, the new show that is set to replace “Blue Horizons”. The show will focus more on the individual attributes of the dolphins themselves, as well as highlight the bonding process between the animals and their trainers. The Orlando Sentinel reported on the rehearsal and […]