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    Patent Shows Disney Developing Optical Tracking Between Multiple In-Park Robots

    A patent application from Disney Enterprises, Inc. has been published today which centers on groups of robots interacting in Disney theme parks. Titled “Systems, Methods, and Apparatuses for Stereoscopic Imaging,” the patent is focused on visual communication between multiple robots deployed at the same time. The application describes, Robots may be used for entertainment, utilitarian, […]

  • Disney Research’s Robot Study Could Have Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Applications

    As development of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is underway, the scientists at Disney Research are trying to figure out exactly what type of “droids you’re looking for.”  An increased interest in a robotic presence in the parks has arisen, and Disney Research is trying to determine not only how humans might perceive robots they interact […]

  • Disney Research Designs Augmented Reality System for Robot Control

    When we find ourselves wondering what new technology will be making its way into Disney parks in the future, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the scientists at Disney Research. A paper published by the group today may give us a glimpse at the future of robotic interactions that guests […]

  • Disney Partners with Hanson Robotics to Create Artificially Intelligent Disney Robots

    Dr. David Hanson, founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics, announced a collaboration with Disney to give artificial intelligence to their characters. Hanson spoke in London at TechXLR8, a technical conference, where he made the announcement. Hanson Robotics has some renown for developing robots with the capability to mimic human expressions and interactions. Hanson’s ultimate goal […]