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  • Disney Research Working on the Design of Highly Technical Robotics

    Last week we reported on a self-correcting gymnastic robot that the Disney Imagineering team is working on. Now it looks like even more highly technical robotic technology is being worked on by Disney. Disney Research recently announced they are working on a computational design of robotic devices using high-level motion specifications. In other words, they […]

  • Disney Research Develops Backflipping Robot

    The field of robotics is constantly expanding to simulate all manner of animal and insect locomotion, but some scientists are developing machines to replicate the more complex aspects of movement that are uniquely human — gymnastics. A team of scientists over at Disney Research have recently released a publication that details the operation and design of their […]

  • Disney Research’s Robot Study Could Have Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Applications

    As development of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is underway, the scientists at Disney Research are trying to figure out exactly what type of “droids you’re looking for.”  An increased interest in a robotic presence in the parks has arisen, and Disney Research is trying to determine not only how humans might perceive robots they interact […]