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  • Royal Caribbean Won’t Serve Straws in Their Cocktails by Default

    In 1992, Royal Caribbean International cruise line launched their Save the Waves initiative. Save the Waves was put in place to protect the ocean’s ecosystem. As part of this program, Royal Caribbean has signs posted throughout the ship to not throw anything overboard, as well as reminders for guests to not throw their towels on […]

  • Seaworld Orlando Saves a Bottlenose Dolphin That Was Attacked by a Shark

    According to WFTV, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida this past March a rescue team from SeaWorld Orlando saved an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin after it had been attacked by a shark. The wounded dolphin has been cared for by SeaWorld veterinarians since the rescue. Using “antibiotics, dewormers, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and wound care” the dolphin has […]