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  • SeaWorld’s Remodel of Kraken Goes Beyond the Addition of Virtual-Reality Headsets

    According to the Orlando Sentinel, SeaWorld’s remodel of the Kraken roller coaster will involve more than just the addition of the virtual-reality headsets. When the massive thrill attraction reopens as Kraken Unleashed in June, guests will notice many physical changes to the area around the coaster, including the missing “enormous eel-like kraken creature – big enough […]

  • SeaWorld May Add Virtual Reality Animals to their Kraken Coaster

    When theme parks use virtual reality in their attractions, it creates a realistic illusion for its guests making them feel as though they’re actually right there living in that moment. What they’re seeing on the screen in front of them or through the goggles they’re wearing instantly transports them into whatever world they’re intended to […]