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  • Grevy's Zebras
    Two Grevy’s Zebra Foals Make Their Debut at Animal Kingdom

    Two new Grevy’s zebra foals, born April 26th and May 1st, are now visible to Disney’s Animal Kingdom guests who visit the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. According to zebra keepers, the foals resemble their mothers, in both appearance and manner. Youka, the foal of Laylee, is curious and independent like her mom. Keepers say that […]

  • Animal Kingdom to Introduce Two New Baby Zebras

    In the past month, two female Grevy’s zebra foals have been born in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Grevy’s zebra foal is an endangered species with only 2,500 remaining in the world. The foals are set to join the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail soon, but are first spending some time backstage with their mothers; Laylee welcomed […]