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  • Adventureland
    Review: Cheeseburger Spring Rolls in Adventureland

    There is nothing like a delicious fad Disney Parks food item, and one that has nearly earned legendary status is the Cheeseburger Spring Roll found in Adventureland of the Magic Kingdom. No, it’s not an item you’ll find at Sunshine Tree Terrace, Aloha Isle, or even Tortuga Tavern, but instead you can grab this item […]

  • dining at Disney
    Never Settle for Mediocre Fare at Disney

    I don’t know what’s more fun about Walt Disney World, the park-hopping or the eating. Attractions are great, but new ones take years to build. Menus, restaurants, and food booths change quickly, and it’s a big reason to come back again and again. While there are lots of food staples that should be great but […]

  • Disney Snacks
    My Five Favorite Disneyland Snacks and Treats

    Disneyland has as many tasty snacks and treats as it does rides! There is something good for every palate. Here are five of my favorites. Churro Popcorn Everyone knows that churros are good, and they are plentiful in Disneyland. You can even purchase themed ones in Cars Land and Tomorrow Land. But, have you ever […]

  • Disney Snacks
    Snacking Around the World

    Drinking around the world is arguably Disney World’s most popular unofficial attraction, but the wide range of excellent drinks featured at the World Showcase often overshadows the fantastic cuisine at Epcot. Similar to the drinking game, snacking around the world can be a fun challenge where you attempt to try at least one snack at […]

  • dining at Disney
    Disney Parks Introduces New Sweet Treats for June 2017

    If you’re heading to Walt Disney World or Disneyland this month, there are some fun new treats to look forward to! During the month of June, look for the Pecan Turtle Gourmet Apple pictured above. A Granny Smith apple is doused in caramel then dipped in milk chocolate. It is then embellished with pieces of […]

  • dining at Disney
    Disney Parks Introduces New Sweet Treats for May 2017

    For all of you heading to the Disney Parks this month, there are some new sweets to look forward to that have just been announced. Guests heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios will find a new chocolate cupcake with cookies and cream buttercream and topped with the fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character, Groot. Look for […]

  • Disney Snacks
    Eat Up! 4 Reasons you can binge eat at Disney World

    When planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you may begin to worry about your waistline doubling in size. Here are my four reasons why you shouldn’t worry about gaining weight while vacationing at Walt Disney World: 4) You’re Going To Be Walking A Lot If you’ve never been on a Walt Disney World vacation, you […]