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  • Disney Research Develops Posable Avatars for Augmented Reality Selfies

    Many times, the immediate applications of the scientific and technological breakthroughs churned out by Disney Research aren’t easy to see. That is not the case with their newest publication, AR Poser, which allows users to pose with, or as, a digital avatar for enhanced photo op purposes. Published on July 18th under the full title “AR […]

  • Disney Research Working on the Design of Highly Technical Robotics

    Last week we reported on a self-correcting gymnastic robot that the Disney Imagineering team is working on. Now it looks like even more highly technical robotic technology is being worked on by Disney. Disney Research recently announced they are working on a computational design of robotic devices using high-level motion specifications. In other words, they […]

  • Disney’s Gymnastic Robot Evolves from ‘Stickman’ to Stunt Double

    Throughout the history of Disney Parks, one of the largest draws to attraction-hungry crowds has always been their skill with animatronics. From the simple birds of the the Enchanted Tiki Room, to fictional pirates, to U.S. presidents resurrected from beyond the grave, Disney has always used these simulated organisms to set itself apart from its competitors. […]

  • Disney Research Develops Backflipping Robot

    The field of robotics is constantly expanding to simulate all manner of animal and insect locomotion, but some scientists are developing machines to replicate the more complex aspects of movement that are uniquely human — gymnastics. A team of scientists over at Disney Research have recently released a publication that details the operation and design of their […]

  • Disney Research’s Robot Study Could Have Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Applications

    As development of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is underway, the scientists at Disney Research are trying to figure out exactly what type of “droids you’re looking for.”  An increased interest in a robotic presence in the parks has arisen, and Disney Research is trying to determine not only how humans might perceive robots they interact […]

  • New Disney Research Project Translates Written Scripts Into Virtual Reality Previews

    Whether live action or animated, the finished story you see on screen takes countless hours of effort before it’s fully formed. Developing a written script into an engaging visual concept can be daunting; Disney Research is working on a way to streamline the process. During San Francisco’s Virtual Reality Developers Conference on Monday, Disney Research […]

  • Disney Research Designs Augmented Reality System for Robot Control

    When we find ourselves wondering what new technology will be making its way into Disney parks in the future, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the scientists at Disney Research. A paper published by the group today may give us a glimpse at the future of robotic interactions that guests […]

  • Disney Research Creating AI to Predict the Success of Stories

    Disney Research scientists alongside the University of Massachusetts Boston are working on an artificial intelligence that will be able to analyze and predict the success of a short story. This technology could be used in the future by Disney and other movie studios to correctly choose the best scripts from the production floor. That being […]

  • Animatronics
    2 New Reasons We Should Be Excited About Disney Research

    It is easy for those of us who voraciously devour Disney entertainment in all its forms to forget: making magic involves research. For every new announcement about a groundbreaking new attraction or game-changing technological innovation, there are teams of Disney scientists spending extensive time and energy to develop it. If we want to know what […]