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  • Budget
    10 Tips to Stop Splurging on Disney Souvenirs

    You eye that shiny new trinket in the Emporium, the park is closing soon, and you end up caving under the pressure. Another $39.95 down the drain just because you HAD to have it in the moment. And now? It’s just gathering dust at home. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. If you’re determined to […]

  • Garmin’s Newest Fitness Trackers Use the Power of Disney to Motivate Kids

    When it comes to how the children of this generation spend their time, we tend to think its too much technology and not enough physical activity. Well, what if one could lead to the other? It was with this in mind that lead Garmin to release the Vivofit Jr. last year, a fitness tracker to […]

  • Disney Funko Pop
    Funko Pop! Release: Orange Bird Disney Theme Park Exclusive

    All fans of the Orange Bird and those cute Disney Funko Pop! vinyls, listen up! A new Disney Funko Pop! release is coming to the Walt Disney World Resort on Friday, September 8, 2017. The release will take place at Pin Traders at Disney Springs Marketplace and Pirate’s Bazaar at the Magic Kingdom. Purchasing limits […]

  • Disney Merchandise
    Disney Stores Around the World: Dublin

    For those of us who really need a Disney Parks fix, the Disney Store can deliver a dose of much-needed magic when traveling to the parks just isn’t feasible. While I’d argue that all Disney Stores have something interesting to offer, stores located in domestic and international city hubs can be especially exciting. These locations […]

  • Disney Pin Trading is About to Get More Magical with These Brand New Pins

    The folks over at Disney Style have shared some of the newest Disney pins that are set to hit Disney Parks in September and I’m completely obsessed with ALL OF THEM! When I first started visiting Disney, I collected some pins and traded some, but I had rules about buying them. I don’t really care […]

  • Animation
    David A. Bossert’s New Book Tells Just How Lucky Oswald Really Is

    OSWALD THE LUCKY RABBIT The Search For The Lost Disney Cartoons By David A. Bossert 176 pp. Disney Editions. Hardback, $40.00. On Sale: August 27, 2017 If you were to ask most Disney fans about the history of Oswald, they would tell you he was created by Walt Disney, lost to Winkler Productions and as […]