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    Maui Makes His First Disney Park Appearance in Shanghai Disneyland

    Maui, from the hit Disney film Moana, made his first character appearance in a Disney park at Shanghai Disneyland. The demigod Maui is alongside Moana in Shanghai Disneyland’s new ‘Summer Blast’ castle show. It is assumed that Maui will eventually make meet-and-greet appearances in Shanghai Disneyland. It is currently unknown when, or if, Maui will […]

  • Stitch Meet-and-Greet in the Magic Kingdom Moving On May 21

    Starting on Sunday, May 21, Stitch will no longer meet in Town Square in the Magic Kingdom. The new Stitch meet-and-greet location will be in Tomorrowland. It currently hasn’t been specified where exactly the meet-and-greet location will be in Tomorrowland, but guests can expect to meet with Stitch there until the end of summer. Additionally, […]