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  • Castle Heraldry Shoppe
    Castle Holiday Shoppe Opens at Disneyland

    When the Castle Heraldry Shoppe closed late last year at Disneyland Park, there was much speculation by fans as to what would be replacing it. Many fans figured that the space would be used for a meet & greet or to extend the lengthy queue for Peter Pan’s Flight. While either of those things may […]

  • Castle Heraldry Shoppe
    Disneyland’s Heraldry Shoppe Set to Close

    According to a recent post on its Facebook page, Disneyland Park’s Castle Heraldry Shoppe will close in January because the resort wants to use the space for a “new experience to be announced.” The shop is unable to relocate within Fantasyland, so their only option was to close. The Castle Heraldry Shoppe opened in 1994 […]