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  • Shamu Stadium Becomes New Home to SeaWorld’s Pilot Whales

    Four pilot whales who once called SeaWorld Orlando home, have been moved to their new home in Shamu Stadium. The whales were moved yesterday from Dolphin Stadium, where they had performed in the Blue Horizons show that was recently replaced with a new show called Dolphin Days. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) deemed […]

  • ‘Dolphin Days’ at SeaWorld Orlando Focuses on Dolphin/Trainer Bond

    SeaWorld Orlando held a dress rehearsal on Thursday for “Dolphin Days”, the new show that is set to replace “Blue Horizons”. The show will focus more on the individual attributes of the dolphins themselves, as well as highlight the bonding process between the animals and their trainers. The Orlando Sentinel reported on the rehearsal and […]

  • SeaWorld Orlando Replacing the Blue Horizons Show With Dolphin Days

    According to the Orlando Sentinel, SeaWorld Orlando is ending their Blue Horizons dolphin show. The Blue Horizons show featured “dolphins doing tricks alongside acrobats.” In SeaWorld’s attempts to make its theme park focus on conservation and animal rescue, they’ve created a new show that will instead seek to educate guests of the park about the […]