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    “Cars 3” Available Now on Blu-ray, 4K UHD, DVD, Digital HD

    Cars is the franchise that keeps going for better or worse. When the original Cars film was released, it was generally recognized as Pixar’s first weak film, but then Cars 2 happened and the 12th Pixar movie was quickly accepted as the first terrible effort from one of the best animation studios out there. Cars 2 stripped away the […]

  • blu-ray review
    Review: “Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season 3” Blu-ray

    It seems like just yesterday Star Wars Rebels was announced and soon after we saw our first glimpse of Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper. Three seasons have come and gone with only one season remaining before the show comes to an end, and fans have come to embrace these further adventures in the Star Wars universe that help tie […]

  • Bambi
    Review: “Bambi” Signature Collection Blu-ray

    When discussing the greatest Disney films of all-time, no list would be complete without mentioning Bambi. Walt Disney’s fifth animated feature is almost a rite of passage and has once again come out of the Disney Vault, but this time as part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection. So far, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty […]

  • blu-ray review
    ‘Moana’ Sails Home on a Must-Own Blu-ray

    Disney had a stellar year when it came to The Walt Disney Animation Studios. Both Zootopia and Moana were hits with the former winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but that doesn’t mean Moana was the lesser of the two. In this author’s opinion, Moana will still be loved and praised in 10 years, where Zootopia will remain highly […]

  • blu-ray review
    Moana Blu-ray Review

    We were late to the punch in seeing Moana, as we were traveling when it was released, and then didn’t get around to seeing it until it seemed a stand-alone film review was a bit stale. However, the movie made a pretty big impact on us, so I thought it might be worth covering it briefly […]

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  • blu-ray review
    Review: “Pinocchio” Available on Signature Collection Blu-ray

    The cycle of the Disney Vault continues, and this time the doors have opened back up for Pinocchio, Walt Disney’s second full length animated feature. This release is part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection and is the first time Pinocchio has been released digitally. Pinocchio was previously available on Blu-ray in a Platinum Edition, but was left off […]