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  • Record Breaking ‘Black Panther’ Now the Third Film Ever to Cross $700 Million Domestically

    Yesterday, the 2018 Marvel blockbuster Black Panther reached the $700 million milestone at the domestic box office, joining Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Avatar as the only movies to ever do so.  After its February 16th debut at $242.1 million and historic second weekend gross of $111.7 million, Black Panther has impressively sustained popularity at the box office for […]

  • ‘Black Panther’ Passes ‘Titanic’ to Become Third Highest Grossing Film

    Black Panther recently passed Titanic at the box office, making it the third highest grossing film in North American history. Bringing in over $665 million domestically, Black Panther sits behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Avatar. However, Black Panther is ranked 34th when box office sales inflation is accounted for. The Disney and Marvel Studios film has earned $1.3 billion internationally since […]

  • ‘Black Panther’ Tops Box-Office for Fifth Straight Weekend

    Marvel’s Black Panther, which continues to thrill moviegoers and break records, is poised to top the domestic box office for the fifth weekend in a row. The film is set to bring in $27 million this weekend, besting Warner Bros.-MGM’s Tomb Raider, which opened with $22 million. The last film to hold the top spot […]

  • ‘Black Panther’ Rises to $400 Million in Domestic Box Office, $304 Million Internationally

    Marvel’s Black Panther has reached some pretty impressive numbers thanks to an immensely successful second weekend in theaters. The film, which follows superhero/monarch King T’challa and his exploits in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, has managed to rake in a total of $704 million worldwide at this point. Here is what Black Panther has accomplished over […]

  • ‘Black Panther’ Had the Highest-Grossing First Week in Marvel Box Office History

    Marvel’s Black Panther has been a massive box office success for Disney, and now the film has officially had the highest-grossing first week in Marvel film history! The film has taken in $292 million in North America, which surpassed Marvel’s 2012 blockbuster The Avengers by more than $22 million. Worldwide the film has already taken in […]

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    Black Panther Begins Meeting Guests at California Adventure

    This weekend, just as Marvel’s Black Panther began breaking records at both the domestic and international box office, T’Challa himself began meeting guests at Disney California Adventure. Black Panther, the King of Wakanda, arrives in Hollywood Land aboard an armored vehicle, along with his Royal Guards, the Dora Milaje, and greets guests in front of […]

  • ‘Black Panther’ Has Already Earned $169 Million in International Box Office

    King T’Challa’s box office reign is not limited to the United States. While it is true the film has proved a massive financial success in the domestic box office, with recent estimates putting it at $218 million for the holiday weekend, Black Panther is earning some impressive international numbers as well. The film has earned […]