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  • Disney Research Designs Augmented Reality System for Robot Control

    When we find ourselves wondering what new technology will be making its way into Disney parks in the future, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the scientists at Disney Research. A paper published by the group today may give us a glimpse at the future of robotic interactions that guests […]

  • Augmented Reality
    Walt Disney World Trip Report 2071 – Virtual Magic Kingdom

    In a recent DIS article, “Bob Iger Says Disney Reality Can Be Augmented, Never Virtual“, when Mr. Iger said “never” it reminded me of an alleged statement Bill Gates said at a computer trade show in 1981. Bill Gates supposedly uttered this statement, in defense of the just-introduced IBM PC’s 640KB usable RAM limit: “640K […]

  • Bob Iger Says Disney Reality Can Be Augmented, Never Virtual

    Although other parks have used virtual reality as a cost-effective measure to update their attractions, Disney CEO Bob Iger gave a strong “no” to the prospect of using it in the Disney Parks. Knott’s Berry Farm, SeaWorld, and Six Flags have all taken to virtual reality as a method to innovate their properties. Disney innovation, although […]