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  • BREAKING: Video of New Pirates of the Caribbean Auction Scene in Disneyland Paris

    At the tail end of June, Disney announced changes that would be made to the iconic “Redhead” scene on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, first at Disneyland Paris, then eventually at the U.S. parks. Concept art was released, but today, thanks to Annual Passholder and YouTube user DLP Welcome, we have an actual example of […]

  • R2-D2 Unit Sold for Nearly $3 Million at California Auction

    Since he first appeared in 1977’s Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, fans around the globe have wanted to own the astromech droid companion R2-D2. Only one fan has wanted it enough to shell out $2.76 million. That is how much a version of R2-D2 comprised of parts from the various Star Wars […]