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  • New Patent Describes Adding Animated Character Projections to Disney Attractions

    There are a few key issues that designers run into when using audio-animatronics for new Disney attractions, issues that a patent application just published by Disney Enterprises, Inc. aims to solve. An application titled “Projection Mapped Augmentation of Mechanically Animated Objects” aims to use projection technology to not only add additional animated characters to rides, […]

  • Disney Research Designs Augmented Reality System for Robot Control

    When we find ourselves wondering what new technology will be making its way into Disney parks in the future, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the scientists at Disney Research. A paper published by the group today may give us a glimpse at the future of robotic interactions that guests […]

  • Animatronics
    2 New Reasons We Should Be Excited About Disney Research

    It is easy for those of us who voraciously devour Disney entertainment in all its forms to forget: making magic involves research. For every new announcement about a groundbreaking new attraction or game-changing technological innovation, there are teams of Disney scientists spending extensive time and energy to develop it. If we want to know what […]