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    New Animation and Virtual Reality Tech in This Week’s Disney Patents

    Disney develops new technology at a near constant pace, and what projects they are working on give us not only an idea of their invention process, but also a glimpse into what we may eventually see from them in the future. Patents filed by Disney Enterprises, Inc. this week cover a range of animation applications […]

  • Disney Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Takes Home Eleven Trophies at 45th Annie Awards

    The 45th Annual Annie Awards were presented on Saturday from UCLA’s Royce Hall, and Coco, Pixar’s colorful journey through the Land of the Dead, absolutely pummeled the competition winning a trophy in every category for which it was nominated, including Best Animated Feature. The Annie Award is the highest honor given for accomplishments in animation. The Annies […]

  • Disney Animation to Hold ‘Day of Listening’ for Staff in the Midst of John Lasseter’s ‘Sabbatical’

    On Thursday, the employees at Disney Animation Studios are set to hold a meeting for what is being called a “Day of Listening.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, a “handful of human-resources professionals [will be] present to facilitate a discussion of workplace concerns.” Long-time Disney Cast Members have stated that a gathering of this nature […]

  • Disney Pixar’s ‘Coco’ Receives Two Golden Globe Nominations

    The nominations for the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards were announced Monday morning and Disney Pixar’s Coco received two nominations this year. The first is for Best Animated Film and the second is for ‘Remember Me’ for Best Original Song – Motion Picture. The Golden Globes will air live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel on […]

  • BREAKING: John Lasseter Takes Leave of Absence Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

    One of the largest creative forces behind Disney animation has just come under fire due to allegations of unwanted advances and a history of sexual misconduct. The Hollywood Reporter has just reported that John Lasseter, head of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation, has announced a six month leave of absence due to behavior that may […]

  • Should Disney Adapt Their Live Action Films into Animation?

    The idea of adapting their beloved animated films into live action dawned on Disney back in 2010. Here we are 7 years later, and they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down, with more than 10 adaptations currently in the works. So, as Disney keeps making these films, most of which have lead to box […]

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    Model for Tinker Bell, Ginni Mack Dies at 90

    There are only a handful of Disney characters more iconic than Tinker Bell. Ginni Mack, the model that was used to inspire the design of Tinker Bell in the 1953 Disney animated film, Peter Pan, has sadly passed away at 90 years old. According to Animation Magazine, Ginni Mack’s passing was reported by Mindy Johnson, […]