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    Walt Disney World to Begin Construction at the Resort’s Private Airfield

    The Lake Buena Vista STOLport, or “Short Takeoff and Landing” port, is a defunct private airport that the Walt Disney World Resort currently uses for parking and storage. Permits filed with the state today under the project name “Stolport Stockpile” open the doors for speculation as to what Disney’s plans are with the area adjacent […]

  • TSA Suggests Getting to the Airport Even Earlier Now for New Security Measures

    Getting through airport security is already an exhausting process. Transportation Security Administration is now suggesting that passengers arrive an additional 20-minutes earlier – on top of the already suggested two hours early for domestic flights – due to a change in security measures. According to KHON2, the new process, named Enhanced Accessible Property Search, is […]

  • TSA Now Requires Cameras to Be Placed in a Bin

    The Transportation Security Administration (or TSA) recently announced that all electronic devices larger than a cell phone will now be required to be placed in a separate bin outside of all bags. Cameras and any other large electronic device will now have to have nothing above or below it as it goes through the X-Ray […]