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A New Circle D Ranch for Disneyland’s Horses Opens

This weekend, Disneyland opened a new Circle D Ranch in the city of Norco, CA for the horses that work in the parks.

Last year, we told you that Disney was working on the plans for a new facility after construction on the upcoming Star Wars-themed land took over the old Circle D Ranch.

The new facility is about 30 miles northeast of Disneyland and, at 5.25 acres, is twice the size of the previous ranch and is state of the art, with room for 18 horses.

The ranch includes separate indoor and outdoor stalls for each horse, two large areas where the horses can “play”, several exercise pens, and an area where new horses can be trained to pull the trolley down Main Street USA.

Disneyland’s horses work pulling the horse-drawn street cars three or four days a week, with only four horses in the park at any one time. On those days, the horses will spend their off-time in a smaller barn backstage.

A New Circle D Ranch for Disneyland’s Horses Opens

Norco is known as Horsetown, USA and Mayor Greg Newton looks forward to working with Disney, adding “We hope to keep them supplied with all their horse-related needs.”

Source: Orange County Register

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