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4 interesting facts about Epcot you might not know

4) Epcot Features Multiple Lounges For Corporate Sponsors

There are four VIP lounges in Epcot: the the Disney Vacation Club Lounge, the GM VIP Lounge, the HP Lounge, and the Siemens Lounge. The latter three lounges are for employees of the company sponsors, as well as Give Kids The World families, and the Disney Vacation Club lounge, as you can imagine is for Disney Vacation Club members. The Disney Vacation Club lounge is located in the Imagination Pavilion. The GM VIP Lounge is located above Test Track, and features a panoramic window that looks over Epcot. The HP Lounge is above Mission: SPACE, and looks over the queue of the attraction, and lastly is the Siemens Lounge, which looks over Future World. All three lounges are extremely luxurious, but Siemens Lounge might be one of the nicest lounges of them all due to its size and fun integration with technology.

3) World Showcase Was Supposed To Feature Spain, Israel, and Equatorial Africa

While there have been multiple rumors about different countries that were supposed to be in Epcot’s World Showcase, three of the countries are certainly true. Spain, Israel, and Equatorial Africa were all officially featured as “coming soon” pavilions at Epcot. Not only were they featured in a book Disney released called Walt Disney’s Epcot Center: Creating the New World of Tomorrow, but there were also signs very early at Epcot in the World Showcase that featured these coming soon attractions. Much of what was planned for the Equatorial Africa pavilion was eventually used for the theming at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

4 interesting facts about Epcot you might not know

2) Disney California Adventure Was Almost WestCOT

WestCOT was almost the second theme park at the Disneyland Resort. Much like Epcot, WestCOT was to be theme park surround the accomplishments in technology, and the showcase of international cultures. The park was planned to be on the land that Disney California Adventure currently sits on, but the plan was cut short in 1995 due to financial troubles. Around the same time, Disney was struggling with Disneyland Paris being a bigger financial failure than they expected. Just like Epcot, the symbol of the park would have been Spaceship Earth, but early concept designs show WestCot’s Spaceship Earth to be a gold-ish color. It is certainly disappointing that Disneyland Resort never got their own version of Epcot, but it least they have Cars Land!

4 interesting facts about Epcot you might not know

1) The World Showcase Was Almost All Inside

That’s right. When Walt Disney Productions showed a preview of the World Showcase in 1975, it was presented as two large semi-circular buildings that would house the countries. Instead of surrounding the World Showcase Lagoon like it is today, the two large buildings would have surrounded what Walt Disney Productions was calling a “Courtyard of Nations.” The two structures would have been divided up like pieces of a pie, in which each contributing country would have a permanent location in one of the pieces of said pie. Although the World Showcase was eventually built as the mostly outdoor pavilions we know today, the task of spreading cultural information from the participating countries has remained the same.

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